In 1960, brothers Stephen and William Rubenstein started their own business in the basement of a shop in Jersey City. William was only 18 at the time and going to night school at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ, where he was earning a degree in U.S. history and economics. Stephen studied scientific agriculture at the University of Vermont, before founding his company, Dunbar sales.

The company evolved quickly and Dunbar Sales relocated several times in those first five years of business from the basement to a garage building and then to the old “F&A Liquor building” in downtown Bayonne, NJ. Finally in ’65, they moved to what would become their headquarters for the next 43 years-two blocks away to 39 Avenue C. There, they have been servicing military direct and indirect related industries ever since, including builders of satellites and weaponry.

Lockheed and Raytheon are just two of the leading defense contractors in the U.S. that Dunbar Sales provides with government spec. supplies.

In the past 48 years we’ve been in business, Dunbar Sales has sold millions of dollars worth of coatings, adhesives and other supplies to the U.S. Government, a comprehensive library of which is available on this site.